Varför stannar hon? : En kvalitativ studie om mäns våld mot kvinnor och de vidmakthållande faktorerna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Marie Cederschiöld högskola/Institutionen för socialvetenskap

Sammanfattning: Male violence against women in an intimate partnership is a global societal problem that occurs both in Sweden and worldwide. The actions that contain violence happen most in the home of the couple, making it a well-hidden problem. This leads to a lack of knowledge about men's violence against women in an intimate relationship which leads to a difficulcy in identifying, tackling and solving this societal problem.  The purpose of this essay is to explore and investigate why women remain in a violent  relationship. The study also focuses on examining which factors contribute to the women's decision to stay, and which factors social workers experience are behind the women’s choice of staying.  The results show that reasons that play in the decision for the woman in regards to her staying or leaving a violent relationship are first and foremost norms that society has created. These norms put shame and blame on the woman if she is a divorcé. Results also show that guilt, dependency on the man financially and/or fear about generally making it in the society are factors that play a part in The decision making. A big factor that was shown in the results was also that fear is a mechanism that contributes to the women remaining in a violent relationship.  The study also shows that violence is not specific, violence can occur in several different ways, for  example psychological, physical, sexual and/or material. Up until the perpetrators successively takes the control of the life the woman has. Prejudice about the identity of the perpetrator are common and the perpetrator does not fit the stereotype. We seem to seek explanations in the involvement of alcohol, problems of anger or the cultural context. Meanwhile we also seem to distrust women and instead of focusing on the crime that has been committed by the abuser against her we instead focus on issues such as why didn't she leave sooner? An outlook on this social problem that the government has formed is a national strategy that emphasizes the difference and inequality between the men and the women in society. The strategy points out that this is also the main reason for which violence occurs. This essay is about researching and looking into how social workers operate and work to facilitate  and simplify a way out of a relationship for women who are exposed to violence in their relationship. A qualitative study has been carried out by conducting structured interviews by the help of a question-guide. The interviews were held and carried out in the offices of the social workers. We interviewed the social workers specifically in the department who work with women who are being abused in their relationship.  The purpose of this study was to firstly investigate what kind of help the women who are being abused are offered to simplify the way out of a abusive relationship, secondly what type of mechanisms the social workers experience and believe are the reason women remain in a violent relationship. 

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