Investigation and Evaluation of Methods for Measuring Surface Texture on Worktops and Kitchen Fronts

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Sammanfattning: In this Master Thesis different methods for measuring and evaluating surface textures have been investigated and evaluated. A method for digitizing textures called photometric stereo have also been studied. The purpose has been to find methods that can replace or supplement the current method of visual inspection used for surface texture studies by IKEA of Sweden. The suggested methods are going to be used by the company for securing that the surface textures on laminate worktops and pigment lacquered kitchen fronts are both consistent between different suppliers and matching the original reference sample. The thesis work has been written in three phases. First a background study of surface texture measurement methods has been carried out as well as a market research about what instruments are used for surface texture measurements. The next step has been an investigation of what problems IKEA is experiencing and finding the cause of these problems. This includes studies of the manufacturing process for laminates, the tools used for giving texture to laminates and how textures patterns are developed. The manufacturing process of the kitchen front has been also studied. In the last step the different methods have been tested and evaluated based on the needs of IKEA of Sweden.

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