Utformning av metodik för effektivisering av produktionslayout : En fallstudie hos Eco Log Sweden AB

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för Industriell utveckling, IT och Samhällsbyggnad


The purpose of the study is to design a methodology to streamline layouts for production and associated material flow. In order to test and evaluate the methodology a case study was performed at Eco Log Sweden AB, a company in Söderhamn producing forestry Machines.

The purpose was answered by comprehensive interviews, observations and literature reviews. With supported by relevant theory and the case the methodology were composed to be used for streamlining production layouts. The methodology consists of five steps and is inspired by systematic layout planning (SLP) and further methods and factors. As organizations look different the methodology may be needed to be adapted in the specific case when applying to other companies.

By applying the methodology at Eco Log a number of different wastes were identified. In order to reduce waste four layout proposals has been produced. Eco Log was recommended to select the layout that after evaluation is considered to best meet the needs of the company. In addition to the layout, suggestions for further improvements have been provided.

Using the methodology identified factors that are important for production efficiency and factors affecting the layout design. For further work on the methodology can be broadened through cover more aspects that may be relevant to a production efficiency and material flow. Regarding generalizability considered it good then use the theory has taken from the publicly known literature on the subject, but to strengthen the generalizability of these topics may be tested at other companies. 

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