Klimatberäkning i små- och medelstora företag

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Installations- och klimatiseringslära

Sammanfattning: The construction and real estate sector accounted for 21 % of Sweden’s total green-house gas emissions in 2020. To mitigate the impact of new buildings, the Swedish government introduced a new law on climate declaration for new buildings called “lag om klimatdeklaration”. The law requires most new buildings, which already re-quired building permits, to perform a climate declaration. The climate declaration should indicate the climate impact from the construction phase in kg CO2e/m2 gross floor area, calculated through a climate calculation. Calculating the climate impact is new for the whole building industry and possibly, especially small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the industry could benefit from an introduction and information about this field and how calculations can be made. To address this, IVL launched “Kunskapslyftet”, a project to educate SMEs regarding the law of climate declaration as well as to guide them through their own climate calculation. The overall aim is that increased knowledge will lead to de-creased climate impacts for new buildings by enlighten the SMEs of their role in the climate transition. It is therefore of interest to examine how the participating SMEs experience the process of carrying out climate calculations and their perceptions of the law. This study intends to explore this by applying different qualitative and quan-titative methods which included both interviews with the participating SMEs and survey-questions. The study found that the overall process of conducting a climate calculation was similar among the interviewed test pilots. However, SMEs, that haven´t performed climate calculations before, encountered challenges related to designing the calcula-tion file, mapping resources, exchanging information between suppliers and contrac-tors, and understanding theoretical concepts. The challenges have a general low threshold, meaning that the challenges were overcome with simple means. The study also identified areas for improvement in the climate calculation tool. There was, however, an overall positive attitude towards the implementation and development of the law of climate declaration, which enabled SMEs to gain better insights into a building’s climate impact.

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