Man hör ju inte vad de sjunger - att arbeta med text vid instudering och interpretation

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/ Högskolan för scen och musik

Sammanfattning: Why do we sing together and howcome the weekly rehearsal with the chorus is of suchimportance to singers? In every culture all over the world there is music, and music is aworldwide language that makes it possible to communicate even if we don’t speak the actuallanguage. But what is the difference with instrumental and vocal music? Of course, in vocalmusic we have the text. The combination between text and music, even in a foreign languagecan make us deeply moved and give us a glance of the inner depths of another human being.But why, then, do we so seldom actually hear the text when it’s sung, both by the local churchchoir or the famous professional chorus? Are there any tools that a conductor needs to knowof or is it just a matter of where the conductor and the singers place the text in their agendawhile studying a piece? Could it make a significant difference for both conductor, choristsand audience if the text are well prepared, well interpreted and understood by the personswho are to perform it?

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