Behovet av kundorientering i fastighetsföretag, finns det?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi

Författare: Joel Nilsson Erleman; [2011]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: Abstract Title: Behovet av kundorientering i fastighetsföretag, finns det? Author: Joel Nilsson Erleman Tutor: Agneta Sundström Purpose: Thru a quality point of view, examine and analyze how Akelius AB customer orientates them self in an area such as Brandbergen, were the demand is larger then the supply. Method: Through a qualitative research approach with an inductive and a hermeneutic orientation the study approaches Akelius AB and the company’s costumer orientation thru several interviews and a survey. The gathered data’s purpose is to answer research questions to investigate how costumer orientations function and to how to implement it in real estate companies. Theory: The theory explains the meaning of customer orientation and its use in real estate companies. The theoretical discussion is based on a five-gap model, which is used to analyze the service quality in Akelius AB and to analyze the relation to their costumers. Empire: The findings show how Akelius experience costumer orientation in Brandbergen and the costumer’s perception of Akelius AB service quality. Analysis: Compares the theory and the empirical data to see the service quality thru using the Gap Model. Conclusion: Akelius AB satisfy their customer’s need in what could be expected of them. In the situation with increased demand and lower supply Akelius AB have the possibility to offer their costumers a much lower quality than the costumers usually wants and expect. The reason for this market situation is the sustained high costumer demand, the real estate company’s domination on the housing market and because of the supply and demand situation in the specific market investigated. Ideas for further research: To see difficulties in implementing costumer orientation on all housing markets in Sweden where there is a higher demand then supply and a higher supply and demand to see if the problem only exists in Stockholm. Essay contribution: The study shows the housing market and its flaws in and around Stockholm. The essay describes why costumer orientation is hard to implement within the housing service market because of the supply and demand and the corporations market advantage towards the consumers. Keywords: costumer orientation, service companies, real estate market, tenancy market and supply and demand.

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