Bachelor Thesis: conversion of SA30 PLC program

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i datateknik

Sammanfattning: Master Thesis Andreas Ahlqvist: conversion of SA30 PLC program Definition Duration: 20 weeks including report writing, 15 weeks full time work (600h) Start date: 2013-01-07 Finished date: 2013-05-31 Scope Andreas will convert the Straw Applicator 30 PLC program from Rockwell to Beckhoff. This includes all program blocks excluding the motion related parts, I/O and communication with external devices (HMI and Frequency converters) over Ethernet. The functionality will be verified using virtual simulations in combinations with tests in rigs. Software PLC program will use existing software framework based on UML. The program shall be fully functional after the conversion, excluding the motion part. All Rockwell specific functions will need to be translated and encapsulated in function blocks in Beckhoff. Hardware and communication Variables, I/Os and communication to external devices needs to be translated to work from a Beckhoff CPU. Out of scope HMI application and line interface will be taken care of by Tetra Pak. Responsibilities Tetra Pak Mentor: Ludvig Rosenbäck. Tetra Pak will provide a desk, all tools needed (including computer and software) and work clothes. Tetra Pak will also provide support on technical matters: • Ashraf Zarur – support Beckhoff and communication • Anders Berglund – support Rockwell and UML LTH LTH are responsible for delivering the Master Thesis in full before the finish date. Examiner: Mats Lilja. Andreas Ahlqvist Andreas Ahlqvist must follow Tetra Pak safety regulations. Full documentation will be provided before the start date. Andreas will need to pass a drug test before he can begin the work. Ludvig Rosenbäck [email protected] 046-36 45 89 Andreas Ahlqvist Kung Oskars väg 31 22235 Lund 19910414-5074 0708-479751 Mats Lilja [email protected] Ashraf Zarur – support Beckhoff and communication Anders Berglund – support Rockwell and UML

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