Positioning and tracking using image recognition and triangulation

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Uppsala universitet/Signaler och system

Sammanfattning: Triangulation is used in a wide range of applications of position estimation. Usually it is donebymeasuring angles by hand to estimate positions in land surveying, navigation and astronomy.Withthe rise of image recognition arises the possibility to triangulate automatically. The aim ofthis thesisis to use the image recognition camera Pixy2 to triangulate a target i threedimensions. It is basedon previous projects on the topic to extend the system to estimatepositions over a larger spaceusing more Pixy2s. The setup used five Pixy2s with pan-tilt kitsand one Raspberry Pi 4 B. Somelimitations to the hardware was discovered, limiting the extentof the space in which triangulationcould be successfully performed. Furthermore, there weresome issues with the image recognitionalgorithm in the environment positioning was performed.The thesis was successful in that it managesto triangulate positions over a larger area thanprevious projects and in all three dimensions. Thesystem could also follow a target’s trajectory,albeit, there were some gaps in the measurements.

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