Garden of the Hesperides - Female Futures in Rural Morocco

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Arkitektur

Sammanfattning: My thesis proposes a female community and maternal health care center, run by the local Kablas themselves, that is linked to the Tangier hospital in order to provide all necessary medical supplies and offer prosperous opportunities to the local commnunities traditional birth attendants and girls.Linked to this, my thesis proposes a maintained “garden of health”, where all local medicinal species of plants are grown and nurtured and the knowledge around their healing properties is shared, in order to conserve both knowledge and species around the local realm of ethnopharmacy regarding female health.As this project is dedicated to a Muslim community, that is economically and socially lacking hope in their futures. As it is part of their spiritual practice to surround yourself with holy writings, and symbols, I dedicated the methodology of my design around the theme of Islamic pattering. By using the pattern’s infrastructure to inform the design of this building, additional meaning and profound recognition is put on to a group of people that is so far often forgotten or mistreated.

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