“Livet vi lever är jettat, därför många vill testa. Jalla, kom testa, ra-ta-ta-ta från en Tesla” : En tematisk och språklig innehållsanalys om gangsterrapens normalisering och uppmuntran av kriminalitet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Jönköping University/HHJ, Avd. för socialt arbete; Jönköping University/HHJ, Avd. för socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: The gangsta rap has topped the Swedish music charts in recent years and the controversial message of the music genre has led people in the community to question what the gangsta rap message convey. The purpose of the study is to investigate how a normalization and encouragement of crime are characterized in the contemporary song texts, and how men and women are portrayed in connection with the power aspects of society. The method choice is a qualitative thematic and linguistic content analysis with the aim of examining the significance of the song texts in deph. The study has been conducted on the 24 songs that have been streamed the most number of times according to P3´s DigiLista since 2018. The result shows that the gangsta rap encourages and romanticizes crime through its choice of personal pronouns and semantics in the song lyrics. Women and men are portrayed in an unequal way, where women are portrayed as objectified as opposed to the hegemonic masculinity with which masculine men are equated. Power has been proven to be a dominant concept throughout the performance analysis and the power aspect has conveyed different viewpoints in each theme. The power that gangster rappers get through their coveted music may come to encourage criminal acts through their choice of words.

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