From Idea to Impact - A Strategic Process at Mälardalen University

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för hållbar samhälls- och teknikutveckling; Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för hållbar samhälls- och teknikutveckling



To identify how the ideas for the reorganization at Mälardalen University surfaced and explain how the strategy then translated into the organization. This will be studied by using models intended for private organizations that hold relevance for public organizations.

- What parts of the process can be described as emergent, deliberate, intended, realized and unrealized?

- What influenced the reorganization process?

- In this process, how does Mälardalen University use the concept of strategy?


The aim of this thesis is to explain a strategic organizational change process in a large organization. The choice fell on Mälardalen University due to its accessibility and significant size. By interpreting the empirical material, the underlying causes will be brought to the surface. The result will aim to explain how a change process might occur in a large organization and how internal and external influences were reflected in the strategic path.


The empirical data collected for this thesis was obtained through qualitative semi-structured interviews with organizational members on a managerial level. One focal organization was used for a case study. The theoretical framework had a knowledge base, based on some theories by Henry Mintzberg. After the collection of primary data additional theories were added.


The reorganization at Mälardalen University was an emergent process where the solutions and impacts were altered and adjusted along the way. In this reorganization the process has been evolving and progressing within a frame created by a few predetermined desires and plans. It also became evident that strategy for Mälardalen University is a way to achieve a position where they can benefit from their competitive advantages. The position is the goal and the way in which to get there is not as important. This has opened up the process to be as emerging as it has been. This emergent process has been allowed to progress in changing directions where decisions are taken as the solutions are found, muddling their way through the process.

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