En kvalitativ fallstudie kring bilden av de indiska kristna i det indiska samhället och den påverkan det har på kristnas uppfattning av den egna identiteten.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Författare: Gabriel Wikman; [2023-11-08]

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Sammanfattning: This Bachelor Thesis will explore, in a case study, how Christian Indians perceive their daily life situation in relation to the society in India at large, specifically focusing on verbal, written and physical harassment by Hindu nationalists and how this affects their perception of their own identity. Using a qualitative method, based on the hermeneutic-phenomenological tradition, six semi-structured interviews have been held with a focus on, on the one hand, which stereotypes of Christian Indians occur in Indian society, and on the other hand how this affects the identity of the Christian Indians in relation to Indian citizenship, especially under the influence of Hindu nationalists. The interviews have been held with representatives of Christian organisations, churches and congregations, as well as a doctoral student. In the results, eight stereotypes emerged where the majority of them were negative towards the Christian Indians, where they are portrayed as strangers in Indian society, a threat to Hinduism and especially to the caste system, they are considered immoral in their way of life, disrespectful towards Hinduism and are considered to be western spies through the link with western Christianity, where the most obvious stereotype of Hindu nationalists is that if you are not Hindu, you are not Indian. The stereotypes affect the Christians identity and how they see themselves as Indian citizens. Many Christian Indians fear for their lives, some have fled abroad, others remain, setting their hopes on the promise of the Indian constitution to be a secular state where also minorities are protected. Most Christian Indians are from the lower castes, and they have felt a strength through the struggle of the Christian faith for justice, equality and equal opportunities in India and where no one ultimately questions their identity as both Christian and Indian.

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