Att arbeta med barns skärmanvändning, specialistsjuksköterskors erfarenheter : En intervjustudie

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Jönköping University/HHJ, Avd. för omvårdnad; Jönköping University/HHJ, Avd. för omvårdnad

Sammanfattning: Background: Children's screen usage has increased in recent years and parents' screen usage has strong association with children's screen usage. When the specialist nurse works based on family-centered nursing, conversations about screen usage can include the whole family. Purpose: To describe specialist nurses' experiences of working with children’s screen usage in Child Health Services.  Method: The study was conducted with qualitative design with inductive approach. Totally 11 specialist nurses in Child Health Services were interviewed. Qualitative content analysis according to Graneheim and Lundman (2004) was used to analyze that data material. Results: The analysis of the interview material collected led to two categories, dialogue and reflection and the challenges of screen usage.  Within these categories seven subcategories were identified. There was an opportunity to talk about children's screen usage in parental groups and health visits. Specialist nurses described that there were challenges depending on the parents' approaches to screen usage and that the screen competed with children's other activities. Conclusion: This study showed the importance of specialist nurses in child health services bringing up the topic of screen through dialogue and reflection with children and parents. Screen usage was described as a difficult subject and there were challenges in the work.

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