Ensamhet och träffpunkt - En social gemenskap för äldre? En kvalitativ studie om träffpunktens funktion som social mötesplats för äldre.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to understand if elderly visitors in senior centers around Helsingborg feel some type of loneliness and how senior centers can contribute to the feeling of fellowship with other visitors. The aim was towards their experience where we had seven participants who answered our interview questions, which we later summoned to four who all happened to be of the female gender. Through the process of writing and analyzing we realized the challenges some elderly visitors may experience, and how shame can be correlated to the feeling of loneliness. We gathered information due to previous research on subjects that touch on loneliness, social isolation, fellowship, solidarity, quality of life, and social activities. Our used method for collecting data is the qualitative method, due to us doing interviews with our group of persons. The interviews were only targeted toward the elderly visitors in the senior centers. The interviews were made in two different senior centers located far from one another in Helsingborg. We summoned up to only one senior day center due to our selection of people. The analysis consists of their answers in correlation with previous research and chosen theories on shame and a Sense of Coherence. In this study, we came to the conclusion that social activities play a huge part in the well-being of elderly visitors in senior centers, and that feeling of loneliness is not necessarily correlated to something negative or health-threatening. We observed that the senior centers didn't have visitors of the male gender and overall had a low rate of visitors. A possible explanation could be shared with the characteristics of shame. According to our results, fellowship is generated due to social activities together with the visitors, and social activities can be used as a possible explanation for them not feeling lonely.

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