Icke-ideologins spektrum [Ideologins gränser och samhällsformationens rörelser i marxistisk teori]

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för litteratur, idéhistoria och religion

Sammanfattning: This essay examines the field of ideology and its theoretical context: the social formation, based on LouisAlthusser’s and Karl Marx’s writings on the topics. By constructive readings of several works by theaforementioned authors’, resulting in the production of philosophical concepts (as defined by Deleuze), thisessay aims to develop the science of social formations and the Marxist theory of the forms of transition betweenmodes of production. The aim is achieved by examining three areas: the possibility of non-ideology, therelationships between the commodity and ideology and the base in the capitalist social formation, and thepossible functions of ideology in a communist mode of production. The examination shows that Althussersconcept of science can be understood as a relative, unlike an absolute, non-ideology. From a temporal point ofview it is proposed that absolute non-ideology is the object in its absolute absence of any interpretation of it; thesensomaterial. This implies the possibility of two kinds of non-ideology; relative and absolute. Moving on, it isproposed that the capitalist social formation, from the commodity’s perspective, can be formulated as a chain (asopposed to an edifice) wherein the commodity constitutes a link which functions to reproduce its chain. Besidesthe commodity, it is argued that material fields such as organizations and businesses, including Althusser’s stateapparatuses can also be understood as such links. Finally, this essay highlights that ideology’s function toreproduce relations of production stems from the need of a false universalization in particularistic (classproducing)modes of production, which implies that ideology in this sense will cease to exist in a mode ofproduction that is universalistic regarding the unity of relations of production and productive forces(communism).

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