KVINNORS VÄG TILLCHEFSPOSITION : - upplevelser av aspekter sompåverkat karriärutvecklingen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för handel och företagande

Sammanfattning: Background: Previous research focuses predominantly on the negative aspects that exist in women's careers and organizations have forgotten about the opportunities that exist and that can benefit women in working life. Since the 1960s, the proportion of women in the labor market has increased and today it is largely the same number of women as men who work. For today's women, there are no or few formal obstacles left and women can hold the same education and professions as men in the Swedish labor market. Thus, the essay will be focusing on female managers and the aspects they experience may have influenced the path to managerial positions. Purpose: The purpose of the essay is to describe, interpret and understand various circumstances that have affected women's career development. The authors 'contribution with the essay is to try to give a clearer picture of what female managers' career development can look like. Theoretical reference frame: The theoretical frame of reference highlights aspects that are believed to have influenced female managers' career development. Aspects selected are individual-related and situation-related and under these aspects there are associated categories. The concept of career is also defined in the theoretical frame of reference and a theoretical analysis model is presented. Method: To answer the purpose of the thesis, a qualitative method was chosen with semi-structured interviews that were conducted on five female managers at different hierarchical levels in a laboratory company. Conclusion: The aspects that emerge from all respondents follow the same pattern and the majority of the aspects are seen as opportunities, but challenges have also emerged. There are aspects that are considered to be prerequisites for women to have succeeded, but which have nevertheless been affected by the facilitating aspects. The respondents' personalities and the organization's commitment are two of the aspects that are prerequisites for women to reach a managerial position. Two of the facilitating aspects that have been identified and indirectly influenced and facilitated women's path towards managerial position are early socialization and education. In summary, the women's path to today's managerial position can be described through a collaboration between the various aspects that have influenced each other to varying degrees.

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