Fritidsledares syn på motivation och fysisk aktivitet för barn och ungdomar. : En kvalitativ studie om fritidsgårdsledarens syn på arbetet med motivation till fysisk aktivitet för barn och ungdomar inom en förort.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: In today's situation we constantly find out how children and adolescents are increasingly sedated in front of the computer, video games et.c. Idrotten vill (p.13, 2009) describes that we as humans need challenges and goals to be motivated in everyday life. In sports and activities there are different races to inspire, raise our limits, and fight against results. Today, recreational leaders are constantly working to motivate and try to guide children and young people to become more goal-conscious and physically active in their daily lives. The purpose of the study was to investigate how leisure leaders in a suburb work to make children and young people more motivated and goal-conscious in their everyday lives. The aim was also to investigate whether physical activity was something that benefited children and adolescents. Recreation leaders told us how physical activity was something that was very important in the business and how it provides a community. In this study, a qualitative method has been used (deep interviews) and included six respondents who were free-time leaders. The result proved that free-time leaders motivate children and young people in the best way by allowing them to share physical activity together. The athletes worked actively to make those involved become more goal-oriented in their daily lives. The discussion discusses the respondents' responses during the interview and whether there are links among their views. The leaders reflect on their work and also make suggestions based on their own experiences of how they handle children and young people who are unmotivated and do not have clear goals. Furthermore, it also discusses which strengths, weaknesses and what went well and less well with the survey.

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