Tillämpning av säkerhetskoncept - En undersökning av uppkomst och utvecklingspotential för säkerhetskoncept inom svenskt tunnelbyggande

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Riskhantering (CI)

Sammanfattning: Rapid growth of metropolitan areas calls for increased efficiency of land use, and subsequently more and longer tunnels than ever before are being built. The complexity of the tunnel itself, as well as considerations of spatial planning and infrastructure calls for risk management and effective methods to accomplish tunnel safety. In Sweden, it makes best practise to use safety concept to deal with tunnel safety in a planning stage. A scoping study as well as interviews was performed to derive how safety concept has evolved in the Swedish tunnel context and assess whether its purpose and function are still valid. Within the scope of this Master Thesis, questions regarding benefits and disadvantages associated with the usage of safety concept will be presented as pointed out by the literature. A main discussion debates the two different settings which safety concept can be traced to. The emerge of safety concept in different contexts results in a confusion regarding its purpose among stakeholders. To facilitate a clear purpose and aim of safety concept, and furthermore minimise current deficiencies, each stakeholder is recommended to perform a clarification of the prerequisite of safety concept within the own organisation.

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