Self care activities of patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in Ho Chi Minh City

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Vårdvetenskap; Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap


Self care is very important for patients with diabetes type 2, as it can reduce complications. A proper and functioning self-care requires, clear and relevant information and instructions from the health care givers. Aim: The purpose of this study was to investigate the self care activities of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 in Ho Chi Minh City and compare these between genders. Research questions: How do patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, in Ho Chi Minh City, practice self care activities (diet, exercise, blood sugar test, foot care, smoking, medication and self-care recommendation)?Are there any differences between genders concerning these self-care activities? Method: A descriptive and comparative cross-section design with a quantitative method was used. Dorothea Orem's theoretical framework was also used. The data was collected at the Department of Endocrinology and the Endocrinology Clinic, Choray hospital, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was 100 participants who answered a questionnaire about their diabetes self-care activities. Results: Most of the participants had a good self-care of their diabetes type 2. A majority of the participants had got several self-care recommendations from their health-care givers concerning diet, exercise, medication and blood-glucose control. It was a significant difference between gender in favour for the male gender concerning the statements high fat food, participating in 30 minutes of exercise, check inside the shoes, dry between toes, counselling about stop smoking, tried herbal medicine as medication.Conclusion: The diabetes type 2 patients in Ho Chi Minh City need to get more information about self-care concerning blood-glucose, diet and exercise. Both genders need to adopt a healthy lifestyle into their daily life to reduce the risk of developing diabetes complications.

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