Barnäktenskap en kvalitativ studie om hur hederskultur påverkar barnäktenskap i Sverige

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm/Avdelningen för mänskliga rättigheter och demokrati

Sammanfattning: The reason for the thesis is to show that child marriage not only occurs in Eastern countries, Africa, and Asia, but there are also child marriages here in Sweden. The honor culture is one of the important reasons that contributes to child marriage. Although Swedish law and children’s rights prohibit this, many children are still exposed to marriage. The number of child marriage is increasing year by year.   This essay will focus on research of two questions which are "What does the situation look like regarding child marriage in Sweden", and "How does honor culture affect child marriage". The method used in the research is qualitative text analysis. This method is designed to investigate problems in the community. The theoretical framework is the perspective of honor which is related to child marriage.   In the conclusion of this thesis, it is shown how the number of children being married off in Sweden is increasing and how the culture of honor plays an important role in child marriage in Sweden.   Keywords: Child Marriage, Honor culture, human rights, children’s rights, Sweden.      

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