HR - en nyckelspelare för lyckat CSR - En kvalitativ fallstudie i offentlig och privat sektor

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: As the social aspect of CSR and sustainability has gained more space in the HR-relatedresearch area, the authors of this paper study two large Swedish companies where they havean established experience with CSR and sustainability. The study aims to increase theunderstanding of the HR role within organizations work with CSR and sustainability. Theauthors map how the HR-departments work with CSR and sustainability and also examinethe related outputs by using a model that explains how HR-inputs, outputs and organizationaloutputs are linked. The companies studied consists of one private and one public, to examinehow this phenomenon is expressed in two different contexts. To provide support to themapping HR:s role the authors review the fundamental theoretical concepts, which thenmerges into previous research regarding the relationship between HR, CSR andSustainability. The study is a qualitative multiple case study and the data has been collected by semistructuredinterviews and secondary data. Three employees at each company have beeninterviewed to a total of six interviews. In addition the authors also had a conversation with astrategist at the public company. At the public company, the authors conducted interviewswith one HR-specialist, one line manager and one senior manager. At the private company,the authors conducted interviews with one HR-specialist, one senior manager and one CEO.The interviews were transcribed and then it was analysed thematically. Beyond the interviewsboth companies provided the authors with secondary data. The authors found that there were many similarities between the both organizations, despitethe very different contexts. One cause is that the overall HR-processes are implied andtherefore are part of the CSR and sustainability strategy. However the authors found someambivalence regarding the underlying motives to CSR and sustainability. Furthermore thefindings of this study point towards the difficulties in the straight connection between HR:swork with CSR and sustainability and organizational outputs. Despite this, this study alsofound that HR plays an important role in the work with CSR and sustainability.

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