Folkets Industri

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Arkitektur

Författare: Isak Söderlind; [2022]

Nyckelord: Community Center; Biogasplant; Eskilstuna;

Sammanfattning: The project and the idea of combining a community center with a biogasplant took shape in the first project of the year. In that group assignment we investigated a chosen area above Lista church in Eskilstuna from the perspective of FNs goal "water and sanity for all". We chose the place because of its particular watercourses and it turned out to be an old drained lake. After more research we became aware of the bad influence a drained lake has on the environment. Morasses and lakes are extremely important for the purification of water, and they its a must for a healthy water ecology. Not to mention all the different species that are dependent on the biotope, swamps actually have an even greater bio-diversity than a rainforest. Because of this our group decided to recreate the lake that once existed there. With this background I think it's a good idea to combine a community center with a biogas plant in this location. The education and exhibitions that take place there are supposed to teach the populus about the importance of healthy water sources, and the perks of having biogas plants. It's also suitable to place a biogas plant next to a swamp because you can release the spill-water into nature and take advantage of natures own purifying effects. The building has its entry on a hill overlooking the plant and the swamp, from where you slowly move downward to the different functions. The main idea of the building is to be an onlooker of the plant, to make the industry an attraction for the people, for spatial effect and education.

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