F-ORDET I UTRIKESPOLITIKEN En jämförelse av nuvarande deklarerad feministisk utrikespolitik med tidigare regeringars utrikespolitik.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Författare: Kajsa Blomqvist; [2017-08-09]

Nyckelord: Feminism; Feministisk utrikespolitik; Realism;

Sammanfattning: This bachelor’s thesis aim to compare the Swedish foreign policy after its declaration of being feminist with previous governments. Based on the theoretical framework of feminist theory and realism, in International Relations, this thesis will identify ideas and the potential change from this new declaration of a more feminist agenda. The question is if current government is, in fact, more feminist in its forerunners. To achieve this aim, qualitative textual analysis will be used to analyse a range of official policy documents, both the foreign policy declarations and the speeches made by Sweden in the General Assembly’s yearly sessions. This is done by identifying the characterises of feminist theory and realism as ideal types and then categorise each theory by its worldviews, utopic aims and strategies.The result of the thesis show that feminist theory has had a given place in Swedish foreign policy before the declaration of a feminist agenda, but also that present government is more feminist than previous governments chosen for this study, regarding ideology in declared foreign policy.

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