Illustrationsplaneförslag för Trönningebjär, Varberg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Byggnadsteknik


When the purpose is to create an illustration plan for a new neighbourhood there arelots of things to think about. In this report follows a description of the three differentplan modells SCAFT/TRÅD, garden city and ekological planning. SCAFT is aplanning model that were used in the 1970s. It contains proposals how to make thetraffic enviorment safer. TRÅD replaced SCAFT in 1982 and it contains also adviceshow to make the traffic enviorment safer. Garden city was an expression witch wasinvented in the late 1900th century by a man named Howard Ebenezer. This way toplan a city is about creating buildings in a reasonable size where every house has itsown garden. There is beyound this several other qualitys specific for garden citys.When it comes to ecological planning the lack of obvious choises of inspirationmodels is overwhelming. Many citys applys part of the ecological thinking but fewuses the whole concept.The territory that this report is about is geographicly oriented in the northeast ofVarberg in the outskirts of a village called Trönninge. The territory has earlier beanused for agriculture purposes. During the process of making the illustration planmodels over this property the topografic condition has been payed attention to. Allthree of the illustration planpreposals has been gone througt seperatly to acive thecaracter of its inspiration model. The area of a nursury school with a landrecomondation of 5000 m² exists in all three proposals.During the planning accordig to SCAFT/TRÅD adaptation of its traffic planningsolution has been used as far as it is possible. The final proposal contains a relativelyseparated plan where the different areas has its own caracter concerning buildingtypes. The illutsration plan proposal with inspiration collected from the garden citycontains a much more mixt building planning but it contains a more pronouncedquarter fealing than the other proposals. In the proposal inspierd by ecologicalplanning the point of the compass determined the location of the buildings. The bestlocation to receive the most sun as possible is east-west whith one of the buildigslongest sides facing the south.To be abel to understand the illusration plan proposals better they nead to bereachable when the description is overviewd. The area has a couple of geographicdeviation in form of two cliffs wich create intresting conditions and has been keeptintact in all three of the illustation plan proposals.

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