Next generation high productivity submerged arc welding

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Författare: Markus Langenoja; Vincent Öhrvall Karlsson; [2012]

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Sammanfattning: The task of designing concepts for the next generation of submerged arc welding heads was given by ESAB. ESAB is a global company manufacturing welding equipment for a wide span of industries and uses. In October 2011, ESAB introduced a new technology called Integrated Cold Electrode™, abbreviated and trademarked as ICE™. ICE™ is a technique which utilizes three electrodes in a highly productive and stable process. The current state of the ICE™ technique focuses on welding thick plates with conventional joint types such as x- and v-joints. The next phase in the development of the technique is to be able to weld milled 16/8°-joints which are developed by German company Graebner. This kind of joint determines the requirements of the next generation of ESAB’s equipment for submerged arc welding.Simultaneously as designing the welding torch being able to weld the 16/8°-joint, a concept for a highly customizable modular head was developed enabling the possibility to tailor the submerged arc welding process according to the customer’s precise needs.A progressive conceptual development has been conducted in close collaboration with ESAB. Theoretical models have been developed to evaluate thermal-electric behavior of the welding torches to obtain plausible dimensions for the electric conductors to withstand the effects caused by joule heating. Deliverables for the project has been well defined 3D CAD-models while a prototype was not included in the scope of the project.One concept for the 16/8° joint is presented as the Narrow Joint Concept, NJC, which fulfills the requirements specified. The NJC is developed with focus on smart design with low manufacturing cost as well as ease-of-use for the operator. NJC brings ICE™ into narrow joints.The Modular Head Concept, MHC, presents an idea how to create a fully customizable process with the possibility to emulate the ICE™ technique

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