SMS-Lån : En kvalitativ studie av lånemarknaden

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för ekonomi och företagande


In this essay, we examine the new form of loan which is called “SMS-loans” which is in understanding terms – “text message loans”. This was established in Sweden in 2006. Income-loans are fast loans taken during a short period, usually up to 30 days. Costs which are additional to the loan are interest and fees. What distinguishes income loan from a regular bank loan is that it’s more accessible, fast and easy.

We have investigated this phenomenon using qualitative studies in the form of interviews to get a deep understanding of how financial markets look at the new form of loan and how they make themselves available to it. Those interviewed for this survey are Banks, Debt collection companies, Income-loan companies & Enforcement service. Consumers have in this case not received a space where it has previously made inquiries from their perspective. We have used the theory of marketing mix 4 P’s and stakeholder model to investigate what the financial markets thinks about Income-loan industry in full perspective.

What can be ascertained from the study is that Enforcement service and Collection Company has been much feedback on the income-loan companies. Banks do not so much on Income-loan companies as they consider their competitors. Most Banks we contacted were reluctant to comment on this, which may indicate that they do not want to be associated with Income-loans and this may be due to Income-loan companies have grown in the Swedish loan market.

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