FORMULATING A CHANGE STRATEGY : How to introduce a tracking system in an organization

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Industriell Management; KTH/Industriell Management


Carlsberg desires to increase the traceability of their goods and this can be achieved with a tracking system. Therefore, this research aimed to create a model suitable to use when formulating a change strategy to implement a new technology in an organization. This model was then applied on Carlsberg to investigate how they should introduce a tracking system in their distribution system. The research was conducted in two phases, where the first phase included to create the suitable change model and to identify the current state in Carlsberg. This was achieved by collecting data from literature, observations and interviews. In phase two the model was applied to Carlsberg and thus, the change strategy to introduce a tracking system in Carlsberg was formulated. In this phase, data collection methods were literature and interviews with stakeholders and specialized consulting agencies in change management of IT systems. The research resulted in a model based on three questions that must be answered to create a change strategy; "What is the required change?", "How to build up the change process?" and "How will the change be measured?"

In order to transform from the current state to the desired future, Carlsberg needs to introduce a tracking system with associated informational support, in the form of a website. This introduction results in changed work tasks and new features for truck drivers, administrative staff and collaboration partners. To succeed with this change, it is crucial that the stakeholders are willing to change. Carlsberg can increase the stakeholder’s willingness by a number of activities that have been identified in this research. Risks with the introduction of the tracking system have been identified and since this is a new system, start-up problems are likely to occur. These can be minimized through testing the system with a small group of truck drivers. Also, the introduction to the entire organization should then be done in one cross-dock at the time, partly to minimize the risk but also to be able to focus the resources. During and after the tracking system has been introduced in the organization, the change process needs to be measured in order to demonstrate that the desired improvements are met. Short-term measurements aim to motivate stakeholders for further implementation efforts and long-term measurements to consolidate the change in the organization.

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