Om krigsupplevelser och krisbearbetning : en studie om hur några svenskar från Libanon upplevde kriget mot Libanon sommaren 2006

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete - Socialhögskolan


This study is a qualitative investigation where surveys where performed on five Swedes from Lebanon. The purpose with the survey was to learn how these persons were affected by the war against Lebanon in the summer 2006, how they reacted to it and what measures they took to overcome their crisis. The result shows that the state of crisis of the interviewed persons was caused by several factors, such as the war being both unexpected and intensive. Other causes was the worry that their children would be hurt by the effects of the war as well as the material and human losses that the war brought.

The interviewed persons responded with both negative and positive reactions, which may have affect their recovery process. Some of them where offered physiological support in Sweden by their municipalities. All of them did not accept the offer, but they took other measures to work on their crisis, such as busying themselves with other things to avoid being imprisoned in the trauma. Extreme political calamities in Lebanon which arose after the war was a factor that complicated the respondents’ recovery processes. Most of them however expressed that they where in a better psychological state compared to the period right after the war.

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