Förklassik för knäppinstrument : En studie kring en sonat för Cittra av Johan Wikmanson

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för musikvetenskap

Författare: Håkan Ljung; [2008]

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Håkan Ljung:Förklassik för knäppinstrument. En studie kring en sonat för cittra av Johan Wikmanson. Uppsala universitet: Institutionen för musikvetenskap, C-uppsats för 60 poäng, ht 2005.

My main purpose with this thesis is to highlight a piece of music written for a relative of the 18th century cittern. This sonata, composed around 1780, is a well thought composition written in a pre-classical style.  The composer of this music is Johan Wikmanson (1753-1800) who is mostly known for his string quartets, songs and piano pieces. 

Because of the importance for the music as a whole, one task is to reconstruct the second movement from severe errors. This was carried out by doing an overall analysis of the two movements themes, motives and structures.

Since many arrangements for plucked instruments occurred by other composer's works, my second aim is try to tie this Sonate as an original version written by Wikmanson himself. 

As a part of my main purpose, the reader will also receive a short presentation of the Swedish cittern designed by the Royal instrument maker Johan Öberg the elder (1727?-1779) with a description of its connection with the manuscript. 

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