Konsumentbeteende vid köp av färsk fisk : en kvalitativ studie för utveckling av ett produktkoncept hos ICA

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Economics

Författare: Ebba Prejer; [2006]

Nyckelord: fisk; färskvaror; konsumentbeteende;

Sammanfattning: Health and convenience trends dominate the food industry and retailing business of today. The health consciousness is spreading while appealing product attributes concerning taste and packaging also are increasingly important. At the same time, the competition is growing fierce in the Swedish market with hard discount formats and niche concepts who also are trying to provide the market with perishables. Therefore, the pressure to lower prices is increasing making economies of scale and rationalization progressively more important. In 2004, ICA launched private label meat packaged in a modified atmosphere. Consequently, many stores went from in-store cutting-up and packaging to selling centrally packaged and distributed meat. ICA is now developing a concept with fresh fish in modified atmosphere packages and needs to increase the knowledge about the market and the consumer. Thus, there is a need for a qualitative study highlighting different consumer needs and attitudes towards fresh fish. The purpose of the study is to assess the Swedish consumers´ behaviour in the buying process of fresh fish. The study also includes evaluating the proposed launch concept. The study is based on consumer behaviour theory from which a number of hypotheses are derived. The hypotheses serve as a foundation for those questions asked in the in-store interviews and in the focus groups. The latter serve as the main source for empirical data. Six focus groups were conducted in the spring of 2006 in Stockholm, Kungälv and Borlänge, two in each location. The results show that the consumer behaviour when buying fresh fish differs due to demographic, geographic and psychographic variables. The knowledge about fresh fish has a great influence on the consumer behaviour. Availability, depending on where in Sweden you reside, is another main factor influencing the consumer. Younger consumers and those who have less knowledge about fish, have the greatest need for fresh fish in modified atmosphere packages. This is also true for consumers in small towns in midland Sweden. All consumers demand a healthy and varied intake of food which can be provided for by an increasing availability of fresh fish. The purchase of fresh fish is usually unplanned or partially planned. The quality of the fish is a dominating factor as well as an appealing display of the product in store. Price and brand are secondary factors. The ICA brand creates trust but every individual store has to provide for an updated assortment to ensure food safety. The consumption of fish has very positive connotations and creates a lot of consumer involvement. In addition, the sought after recommendations are presented regarding suitable distribution, target consumer segment, appropriate assortment, a winning positioning, an attractive store display and proper packaging.

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