Facit till framgång - En kvalitativ studie kring vad som enligt arbetsgivare krävs för att bli anställd som reporter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för journalistik, medier och kommunikation

Författare: Wiktoria Gruca; Hilda Rundquist; [2022-02-24]

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Sammanfattning: This is a qualitative study that aims to investigate which skills and characteristics that are crucial for being employed as a reporter at a newsroom in Sweden today, and how an ideal reporter is described from the perspective of employers. Including topics as education, experience, and personality as a base for discussion about importance of those for a possible employment. The area affected by the study lacks a theoretical basis due to the lack of previous studies on this topic and therefore the study is based on a theory that also concerns human resources. Therefor the Signaling theory will be applied on this study, to examine which signals that help employers to make decisions about who they should hire. Furthermore, the concept of diversity will examine whether and how it plays a role during the recruitment of new reporters. Thus, whether employers actively reason about diversity when they recruit, and what in that case is sought and determine the final employment decision. The study is based on semi-structured interviews where approximately 20 predetermined questions under themes as education, personality, experience and others were asked to the respondents. Follow-up questions were also included depending on the situation for a more in-depth knowledge of the subject. The interviews were implemented with ten respondents who are involved in recruitment processes within various media companies in Sweden including Hallands-Posten, SVT Riksnyheter online, SVT Västerbotten, Aftonbladet, Ekot, P4 Stockholm, TV4 Nyheter och Samhälle, Göteborgs-Posten and Svenska Dagbladet. Result shows that it is important for employers that the reporter has a journalism education but less important with which, has previous experience of an editorial office, experience of different media, can collaborate and come up with ideas, is driven and likes sharp situations. As for the most important factors of education, experience and personality, the education turned out to be the least important and previous experience the most. There should be a diversity in the editorial office where the candidate who contributes with new perspectives or something extraordinary becomes more interesting and you should have the desire to develop personally in your profession as well as together with the company. The description of an ideal reporter varies but the abilities that are described repeatedly are to be fast, creative, committed, have a broad experience, be passionate about investigative journalism and have a unique background.

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