Att vårda en gåva – anestesisjuksköterskors uppfattningar av organdonation från avliden donator

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Sammanfattning: Background: People who work with organ donation and organ transplantation need to be safe, competent and educated in the field. The organ donation from deceased patients is a subject that affects staff in different ways. Few studies have focused on nurse anesthetists’ perceptions about this, but studies on intensive care and perioperative nurses' perceptions are available. In these areas, it has been found that international findings differ to some extent from Swedish findings, especially with regard to teamwork and existential issues.Aim: To chart nurse anesthetists’ experiences and perceptions of participating in organ donation from the deceased donor in the perioperative context.Method: A qualitative, inductive approach was used through interviews, and the analysis was done using the phenomenographic method. Seven nurse anesthetists’ from two hospitals in Sweden were interviewed. All had experience in organ donation, but four also had experience in organ transplantation.Result: Three themes have been identified about the organ donation process: profession, team and existential perspectives.Conclusion: Organ donation can mean emotionally tough surgery that require the professional ethics to be in focus and that nurse anesthetists’ can handle their own feelings and thoughts about the subject. The existing and well-functioning teamwork helps all professions to maintain dignity and respect for the donor. The positive teamwork that exists in Sweden is lacking in some other countries.

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