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Sammanfattning: Background: Within the Swedish health care system, the organ donation process is an established practice, yet people die waiting for organs. The investigation on donation and transplant issues from the state, indicates that organ donation is a core subject in today's society. Theatre nurses are one of the occupational groups in the perioperative team, who plays a central role in organ donation.Purpose: The aim of this study is to describe how an organ donation process, from a deceased donor in the perioperative context, is experienced by participating theatre nurses. Method: A qualitative approach was chosen, where semistructured interviews were used for data collection. Six theatre nurses were interviewed, from three Swedish hospitals, with three different levels of care. Three of the theatre nurses had experience of both organ donation and transplantation, while the remaining three had only experience of donation. A phenomenographic research method was used to analyze data.Result: Three categories are presented in the result. In the first category, The professional role, there are conceptions that the organ donation process was something that the theatre nurses linked to their profession. In the second category, The relationship with the teams, there is a variation of how the theatre nurses had an idea of the collaboration and support within the teams. Within the first two categories, The professional role and The relationship with the teams, a variety could be distinguished. The variation was based on the theatre nurses experience in the organ donation process. Even in the third category, The existential perspective, there was a variation. The variation was based on the individual theatre nurse internal conception and was unattached from the experience in the organ donation process. What emerged was that theatre nurses generally had a positive view of the organ donation process. However, there were also other varying conceptions of emotional character. Conclusion: By describing the experiences and conceptions of theatre nurses, increased knowledge can occur, as well as the theatre nurses profession, support, education, and the organization of the organ donation process.

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