Energieffektiviserande renovering av miljonprogramshus

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: Buildings from the so called Million programme has a high use of energy and in addition, there are many such houses. The need for them to be retrofitted is big. The City of Helsingborg has set a climate goal which states that the city in 2035 should be neutral in energy use which put a lot of pressure on the real estate owners in the city. All new buildings has to be energy efficient and older buildings has to be retrofitted to a standard which makes it possible to reach the goal. AB Helsingborgshem owns many buildings at Drottninghög in Helsingborg which are all built during the Million programme. Drottninghög is undergoing a project where the goal is to lift the whole area. One part of the project is to raise the standards of living and also lower the energy use of the buildings with 30 procent based on a demand from AB Helsingborgshem. Our focus has been to find technical solutions that can be used to retrofit these buildings to lower the energy use even more. Our goal has been to reach the standard of zero energy buildings. We have studied similar projects where the goal has been to lower the energy use in buildings from the Million programme. We have based on these studies found technical solutions that can be applied to Grönkullagatan 29, which is the building we have chosen as our reference object. We have gathered all the technical solutions useable to lower the energy use at Grönkullagatan 29. These has been presented with their pros and cons and summarized in a priority list over which solutions we wanted to use. We have taken a closer look to the solutions by simulating them in IDA Indoor Climate and Energy. We have used a model of the building to simulate the energy use over a year and compared the results of the usage for the different solutions. All our choices are based on the energy use and not the economy. Our results show that you can reach the standard of passive house by replacing the windows, installing air supply with heat exchange and additional insulation for the walls. It seems to be difficult but not impossible to reach such low energy use so that solar cells can compensate the use and the standard of a zero energy house can be reached.

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