Den gåtfulla stenen från Saxholmen : Habitusbegreppet som analytiskt verktyg för förståelsen av orsakssammanhangen kring ovanliga fynd

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia

Sammanfattning: Abstract Norlinder, Gabriella. 2019. My purpose with this qualitative study was to use Bourdieu's concept of Habitus with the associated capital species as an analytical tool, to try to shed light on the value-charged context of human behavior patterns. This in order to, through it, be able to demonstrate a possible explanation for why unusual finds are found in archaeological excavations. The object of my analysis here, in this study, is an engraved Roman stone age engraving stone found at the excavations on the medieval Saxon Castle in the Kristinehamn archipelago. My method has been theoretical, consisting mainly of literature studies and a small number of oral sources. I have delimited myself only to highlight one single artifact; the engraved stone and only a single excavation site; Saxholmen for my study. Only a few examples from other places have been used and then for the purpose of better clarifying my chosen study material. This study is based on three issues that concern the location of the stone, outside its proper context, whether a Habitus perspective can be a possible analytical tool for interpreting unusual findings, and whether Saxholm's Habitus-related functions could reflect a possible explanation for the location of the stone. My conclusions are thus that the stone has probably traveled far and probably changed owners more than once. In view of the residents' prestige-oriented lifestyle and a possible link to Gotland, it may have been the result of trade contacts or looting. I have also come to the conclusion that the Habitus concept is absolutely useful as an analytical tool in this type of study, since it highlights abstract values in human life. In my opinion, the Saxholmen seen from a Habitus- related perspective holds all of the capital species / values that are included in the essay and can therefore demonstrate a number of possible interpretations as to why the stone is included in the finds material from the site. Nyckelord: Medeltiden, borg, romersk järnålder, utgrävningar, Habitus, Bourdieu, Saxholmen Keywords: Middle Ages, castle, Roman Iron Age, excavations, Habitus, Bourdieu, Saxon Castle Kandidatuppsats i Arkeologi. Handledare: Gustaf Svedjemo Ventilerad och godkänd 2019-06-14 Gabriella Norlinder Institutionen för Arkeologi och antik historia, Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, 621 67 Visby, Sweden. Den gåtfulla stenen från Saxholmen – Habitusbegreppet som analytiskt verktyg för förståelsen av orsakssammanhangen kring ovanliga fynd The enigmatic stone from Saxholmen - Habitus concept as an analytical tool for understanding the causal link between unusual findings

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