I skuggan av den våldsutsatta : Om anhörigas erfarenheter av att vara stöd åt en kvinna som blir utsatt för partnervåld

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Marie Cederschiöld högskola/Institutionen för socialvetenskap

Sammanfattning: In an era where mens violence against women is increasingly recognized as a growing societal issue, this study focuses on the role of next of kins. These next of kins, often overshadowed by the victims of violence, face daily challenges arising from the violence. The study aims to explore the challenges adult next of kins experience in supporting their abused loved ones, the strain on their well-being, and their experiences and needs for support. Using qualitative interviews with ten adult next of kins and an abductive approach, results were analyzed alongside previous research and theories of secondary and vicarious traumatization, codependency, and social exchange theory. The empirical data yielded three main themes: the next of kins care, external support, and the silent burden, further developed into four analytical themes: conditional support, loss of a relationship, involuntary impact on well-being, and in the shadow of the abused.  The findings reveal significant challenges next of kins face in supporting the abused, especially in adapting support to the victims' wishes. The adaptation by next of kins is examined through codependency theory, highlighting strategies used to manage the situation. The study also indicates the psychological and physical impact on next of kins, with symptoms like anxiety, worry, and sleeplessness. Although some symptoms align with secondary traumatization, they more closely fit vicarious traumatization, emphasizing the personal internal change of helping a traumatized loved one. Furthermore, the study underscores the need for increased societal awareness of violence in intimate relationships and its impact on next of kins. Many relatives do not prioritize seeking help for themselves, focusing instead on the victim, and those who seek support often find it lacking due to misunderstanding or lack of knowledge.          This study aims to deepen the understanding of the challenges next of kins face in supporting their loved ones and how they perceive their own support needs. By doing so, it contributes to a relatively new field of knowledge by providing deeper insights into the experiences of next of kin’s and suggesting areas for improvement.     

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