Energianvändning i småhus. Teknik för att mäta och presentera energianvändning i hemmet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: Today the energy question and the ambitions to reduce energy usage are in focus in both the media and at government level. In Sweden today, newly built houses use little energy for heating. This makes the energy for home appliances more influencial in total. Household owners have a great influence on how the energy within the household is used. In order to minimize electrical consumption, the household owners have to have a greater understanding on where the energy is used, whereby the use of modern metering can be helpful. The normal way of seeing the consumption today is by the use of a specified invoice which is received on a monthly basis. The idea with the report was to explore what methods of metering and documentation were best suited for small houses and later to explore why these methods are not used on a wider basis. In the pre-study phase we created a picture of how energy is used at the present. As an explanation to why modern technique is not used widely, a number of hypotheses came to light. These hypotheses were then looked at through a detailed report, a number of interviews with house construction companies and together with analysis from experts. The report/survey included furthermore what should be metered in a small house and also included a sample of the modern technique which is on the market at the present time which is solely geared towards these issues. The results of the report show that the measurement must be done in real time so instant feedback of energy can be obtained. Measurement should be done for a variety of energy-using items in the household, preferably the larger ones. Hence, a clear and detailed presentation where the users can easily get an overview of their energy usage should be made available. Furthermore, it appears the necessary technology is available at the market today but we have not found a complete package solution “straight from the shelf”. Of the interviews conducted it show that a likely reason why technology is not installed is that there is little interest from end users, coupled with the fact that technology can not guarantee that the energy usage will decrease. The technique only gives the user an opportunity to reduce the usage.

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