Anställningsform och stress : Hur upplever polisaspiranter sin anställningsform i relation till stress?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Sociologi; Södertörns högskola/Sociologi


This paper discusses and aims to give the reader a greater understanding of how police cadets experiencing stress in relation to their employment status and a gender perspective on male and female cadets experience different demands and expectations. As scientists, we will also study how aspirants handle stress and how they experience the benefit of the work. This is because the one who is rejected by the aspirant will lose all possibilities of becoming a police officer. The essay will primarily highlight the impact of employment status have on stress according to police cadets and how gender can affect the stress.

During the research process, the researcher will have worked through qualitative semi-structured interviews with six respondents who work as police cadets. We have analyzed our material by Karasek and Theorell of requirements, control and support model that is about the extent of demand and control individuals have the work-related aspects. We also give examples of how the requirements and control support model works for police cadets in the field with the help of research addressing the topic. The other theoretical starting point is an occupational stress research of Kelloway, Hurrel & Days (2008). Data collection shows, and supported by our theory that the form of employment is creating concerns over future work, and that perceived stress is equal for both men and women.

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