Att motivera den omotiverade: En studie i preventivt socialt arbete

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: This qualitative study was about examining how the activity organizers in GoFaR work to meet, motivate and support the young people to keep them in a meaningful everyday life and thus promote their health. GoFaR was a project at Socialförvaltningen in Helsingborg. GoFaR stands for jointly arranged physical activity on prescription. The method was developed based on the FAR-method (physical activity on prescription) and was aimed at children and young people through student health in Landskrona. GoFaR aims to create conditions for good health for children and young people at social risk. All activity organizers were asked to participate in the interview study. A total of 4 individual interviews were conducted with activity organizers. The study shows that the activity organizers do not have enough knowledge about mental illness to be able to meet this in practice. It also turned out that the needs of the target group differed from those of the other participants. The activity organizers work with positive reinforcement to strengthen the desired behavior in the children. All activity organizers believe that joy and community is something that children strive for and was a success factor in their work to promote the health of children and young people. The study also showed that the activity organizers focus on praising and rewarding with words and use as little reprimand as possible.

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