BIM i anläggningsproduktion : BIM i anläggningsproduktion - En utredning om BIM-s potential med avseende på platschefens arbete samt dess implementeringsprocess

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Jönköping/Tekniska Högskolan; Högskolan i Jönköping/Tekniska Högskolan


The thesis is a study about the usage of BIM in construction projects in relation to how the software can support the site manager in the building production. The goal is to analyze the barriers and drivers to integrate BIM into the site manager’s work. The compositions of questions which are the basis for the thesis are “What obstacles does the site manager experience in his daily work routine and how can BIM be an option?” And “What mechanisms and factors is needed for BIM to be applied in the activities of site managers in construction projects?” For the answer to the first question, the daily work routine of a site manager has been studied in relation to today’s obstacle that is the basis for the production stoppages and how BIM can be an option. With information from the first matter as basis the study analyzes external and internal forces against the introduction of BIM. The study also clarifies the implementation problem and how it can be eliminated to thereby give rise to a change of the software in a conservative industry. In order to answer the question two scientific methods have been used; literature study and interviews. The Literature study reports the facts that may lead to the development of the construction process in its entirety. The interviews have given a reality perspective on the facts linked to the literature study.

The results show that good planning with good coordination between the various disciplines t is the fundamentals for a successful production. The study demonstrates current shortcomings due to the disciplines inadequate coordination and information loss in an industry with high growth potential. With software that allows synchronization between different disciplines at the same time stands as the source for storing relevant information about a project would solve many of the daily obstacles in the production.

The conclusion of this work is to BIM as new software minimizes the current barriers in relations to the site manager and production where information storage and synchronization of disciplines is a great advantage towards the elimination of obstacles in the production. To eliminate barriers that lead to minimization of production downtime and good balance in the daily operations there is a demand for change in the view towards new technology and work routines in the industry.

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