Retention av kvinnor i teknikbranschen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Författare: Matilda Svensson; Johanna Hagbranth; [2019-09-03]

Nyckelord: retention; kön; organisationskultur;

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the study is to investigate the retention of academic women working intechnology companies. What makes women stay in organizations dominated by men, and whatrole does experience and the conception of gender play in understanding female retention?Prior research in this area has mainly been focused on the reasons why women are leavingorganizations dominated by men. Hence, there is scarce information about the causes that makewomen stay in male dominated working environments. In order to succeed with retaining afemale workforce, the scant research on female retention factors highlights flexible workingconditions, work-life balance, the importance of an inclusive organizational culture and femalerole models as facilitators. In our research, female workers and their experiences andconceptions of gender and the tech industry will be analyzed in order to further investigatefemale retention.A qualitative method has been used to produce data for this study. Twelve semi structuredinterviews with women working in seven different organizations have been conducted. Thesewomen all worked in organizations dominated by men and all of them had an academic degree,bachelor or a higher level of education.The result showed that the most prominent factors impacting the women's will of retentionwere; development opportunities, leadership quality, work-life balance and the organizationalculture. The interviewed women expressed having good experiences of working in maledominated working environments. The majority of the respondents worked in gender balancedteams, so even though the working environment consisted of more men, the closest co-workerswere both men and women. The interviewees described that it was important for theorganisation and management to be aware of women's situation as a minority. The result furthershows that the experiences of being a woman in an organization dominated by men, as well asthe interviewed women's conceptions on gender, did not affect their will of retention in anegative way.Practical implications from our research for organizations to focus on is working actively withequal treatment of men and women at the workplace, since this is an important subject forwomen. The management can also try to ensure that women are able to work together withother women, or in gender balanced teams, since this is one aspect that can affect their patternsof retention positively.

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