Uniformen & Utsattheten: Polisers upplevelser av bemötande, hot och våld i yttre tjänst

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: Threat and violence is common for police officers to endure. In addition, the police profession is a male-dominated area, where women constitute a minority, hence it is relevant to study female police officers’ work situation in relation to these factors. This study (n = 31) used a quantitative measurement with qualitative elements to investigate the behavior and attitudes, threats and violence that Police officers experience, what effects this have and if there is a difference between male and female Police officers, limited to Police officers on patrol in Skåne. A problem that occurred was difficulties in reaching the selected sample, which resulted in a low number of participants. The collected data was analyzed through t-tests, linear regression, chi-two tests and descriptive data, according to gender but also uniformly. Statistical significance was not demonstrated for gender differences, but descriptive statistics showed that women more frequently endure active resistance and negative behavior in relation to their gender. Analysis of the data as a whole showed that the experience of negative behavior and behavior in general, was predicted by whether police officers were faced with behavior characterized by sexual elements. Men accounted for the majority of negative attitudes and serious threats. The qualitative dimensions of the data were used to nuance the quantitative results. The results are put in context by theories such as role congruity theory, social role theory and precarious manhood hypothesis, as well as in relation to previous research on women in the police force.

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