Vems Gullbergs Kaj paradis? En studie av relationen mellan brukare och en postindustriell plats under produktion

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the essay is to examine the relationship between the physical location Gullbergskajen and its social context, and to see how they both affect the image of the area. The location is facing a comprehensive urban development, which will lead to changes in its composition and identity. Gullbergskajen is in the current situation rented by a non-profit association of ships, consisting of enthusiasts who equip their ships along the quay. The thesis is a qualitative interview study where I analyzes the connection between the association and the location, and its position in the future urban development, based on responses from four members. I wish to display how this discourse contains elements of conflicting views in the urban development, represented by the divisive relationship between inhabitants of an postindustrial area and the planners of the postindustrial city. I analyze transcriptions learned from the interviews, and parts of a feasibility study carried out for the area. In my analysis, my theoretical points are the site's constitution, affection and how cities are marketed as brands by factors such as authenticity and nostalgia. I wish through this paper to demonstrate the inner gap between reality and the planning of postindustrial cities, where residents can sometimes end up trapped with uncertainty for the future.

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