Orsaker till och normer kring narkotika- och läkemedelsmissbruk bland högstadieelever i Lomma kommun

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Rättssociologiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: In this bachelor thesis, the causes and norms that has indicated an increase of drug abuse, both illicit and prescribed, for the past two years in the municipality of Lomma among middle school pupils, have been investigated. In order to understand this problem, student health staff’s, field workers’ and police’s point of views have been considered in three focus groups interviews. Qualitative data analysis indicated cannabis and some prescription drugs as most abused by the middle school pupils but even ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, methadone and amphetamine. Considering the youths, their friends and various means of obtaining the aforementioned drugs nowadays, the popularity and normalisation of drugs increase chances to affect youths with these liberal norms. Although this is opposite to the regulations of penal law on narcotics and can be seen as cause of the discrepancy between penal law on narcotics and social praxis that indicates higher level of drug abuse. It has been found that parents’ absence can result in weakening the relation to their children. This consequently causes lower social control on them, and even lower impact on norm building of narcotics as prohibited which in this case can cause higher discrepancy between law and social norms. Eventually, mental health is named as the common denominator of all drug abuse among middle school pupils in municipality of Lomma. The result shows a necessity of investments against middle school pupils’ drug abuse.

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