Kan jag skylla på föräldrarna? En kvantitativ studie om kopplingen mellan anknytning, moral och brottslighet.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: The current study is a quantitative survey based on attachment theory and age-graded theory of informal social control with the purpose of investigating the connection between attachment, morality and crime. The study has tested three hypotheses; Low morality and general insecure attachment together predicts an intense criminal career more than insecure attachment alone. An insecure attachment to a parent and/or partner together with low morality predicts criminality more than insecure attachment to friends together with low morality. People with insecure attachment have a lower moral than people with a secure attachment. The data collection consisted of two samples; non-convicts and convicts, who answered questions regarding their attachment, criminal career and morality. In total 54 people participated in the study. The data was analyzed with correlations and regressions and the results showed no significant connection between general insecure attachment combined with low morality as an explanation for an intense criminal career. The results showed a significant positive connection between mother-related attachment anxiety combined with low morality and an intense criminal career. The correlations showed negative relationships between general attachment and morality, and a negative connection between mother-related attachment anxiety and morality. The results from the current study are somewhat in agreement with previous research and theory.

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