Beyond the skin

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Konstfack/Ädellab

Sammanfattning: This paper presents an investigation in stages of transformation between body and ornament to show upon their fluid relationship and their role for the creation of human identity. I see the act of adorning the body as an act of desire, in which we take part to become something more elevated than our original state of being. I use my background as a jeweller and the body as the territory for investigating these acts of transformation. Through material explorations I examine how we mirror ourselves in the things we make and how we reinvent our bodies through making. I compare the role of the maker with the scientist and discuss the increased interest in the body and its relation to a more and more virtual reality. I make links between ancient body modifications and human enhancement within new technology and throughout the paper I discuss my work in relation to other artists work and theorists relating to visual practices.

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