Att samtala om det egna barnets övervikt med barnhälsovården - en enkätstudie om föräldrars upplevelser av samtal med BHV-sjuksköterskan.

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Sammanfattning: Background: Overweight among children is a large problem in the world, and it increases the risk of developing health issues and disease. In Sweden, it is tradition to let children be monitored by the public health care system. The child health nurse has the responsibility to monitor children’s growth in order to identify and prevent illness. When a child is overweight, the nurse should inform the parents, let them participate in the treatment and give them the support they need. Studies show that child health nurses find it difficult to talk to parents about their child’s overweight, and experience that they have a lack of knowledge when it comes to overweight.Aim: The aim of the study was to describe how parents experience conversations about their child’s overweight with the child health nurse.Method: A qualitative method, using an internet-based survey, was used to acquire data regarding how parents experience the conversation about their child’s overweight with the child health nurse. The study was based on 60 surveys and thematic analysis was applied to the data.Result: The analysis revealed four themes: A wish to be seen and respected as a family and a parent, To be questioned as a parent, To not feel support and confidence and finally To question the child health system. These themes have in turn, been divided into five subthemes. Strong feelings and reactions among the parents were consequences of the conversation about their child’s overweight. Parents had mixed opinions about pediatric overweight and how it should be assessed.Conclusion: Conversation about children’s overweight is difficult and complex for both nurses and the parents. It is important that the nurse has a responsive attitude, treat the family with respect and is able the face the family’s reactions. The nurse should have enough knowledge and competence within the field.

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