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Sammanfattning: Background: Depression can worsen the heart failure condition if action is not taken immediately. The nurse in a somatic care unit meets with different patients who have different other underlying illnesses. This can place demands on the nurse’s skill and knowledge. Most nurses who work in inpatient care in a somatic care unit have no formal knowledge of depression and what to look out for. In addition, it is mostly the elderly people who suffer from chronic heart failure and the symptoms of depression can be confused with that of chronic heart failure coupled with fatigue from old age. Aim: The purpose for this study is to investigate through a systematic literature study which nursing interventions are effective for patients with chronic heart failure who are also suffering from depression and are being cared for in a somatic care unit, and the hinderances to these nursing interventions. Method: The study is conducted as a systematic literature study by searching for relevant articles in PubMed and CINAHL. A total of seven articles were considered to have high validity for the study after the quality review. Selected articles are analysed and compiled using content analysis. Result: The study identified four main categories including hindrances to the nurse working in the somatic care unit to be able to provide a structured nursing care for patients with chronic heart failure alongside with depression. These includes Psychosocial support, Person-centred care, Information and teaching, and a favourable work environment. Conclusion: The articles used for this study are of the same opinion that “patient’s self-determination” is central to the care of patients with chronic heart failure alongside with depression. This means that the nurse working in a somatic care unit should be able to carry out the nursing care that is focused on strengthening the patient's self-efficacy, which in turn should enhance treatment compliance even outside the hospital. The study also suggests that the nurse should be experienced and knowledgeable in the field of care.

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