Barnmorskors erfarenhet av att möta kvinnor med samlagssmärta

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Sammanfattning: Background: Pain during sexual intercourse is a health problem among women. Sexuality is afundamental part of people´s lives. Women can seek help primarily because of pain or othersymptoms. Dyspareunia may be due to several causes. To be able to support women withdyspareunia in an early stage has a positive impact on health. There are no studies on midwivesexperience of meeting women with pain during vaginal intercourse.Aim: To describe midwives experiences of meeting women with dyspareunia in adolescenthealth service.Methods: A qualitative interview study with six midwives working in adolescent healthservice. The data has been analysed with an inductive content analysis.Results: The result was based on three categories. Significant parts of the meeting with theunique woman, which means that the midwife has a calm attitude to give hope, that the medicalhistory is important, that the counseling is important and that the partner has an important role.Under the theme The midwife's challenges in the meeting, means that it is a common problems.It emerged that the midwives experienced that women often have an ignorance of their body,that women seek because of other symptoms and that women do not always follow the advice.The midwives also felt that women just wanted it to work. The last category What do themidwife need to give the women the optimal help contains knowledge development andteamwork.Conclusion: Midwives´ experiences of meeting women with dyspareunia is that it is achallenging meeting. As a midwife it is important to be affirmative and responsive in all partsof the encounter with a woman who has this kind of pain - so that the woman can tell about herproblems. It appears that women seek for causes other than dyspareunia. Challenges that ariseare that women have a lack of knowledge about their body and want a quick treatment at oncewhen they come to the midwife. The meeting is about counseling and adapting the advice tothe unique woman. The partner has an important part in helping the woman. Teamwork andexchange of experiences between midwife colleagues proves to be of great importance in themeeting.Keyword: Midwives, experience, dyspareunia, meeting, adolescent health service.

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