Idrottsforskning på kvinnor och män : En diskursanalys av genus kring avrapporteringen i en skandiavisk tidskrift

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för idrottsvetenskap (ID)

Författare: Emma Stenberg; [2016]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: The medical sports science research field might not be the field that first and foremost is associated with discourse analyses of gender. However, it is possible to see differences in the way we conduct research on, and how we describe research linked to, the different sexes. This may also have consequences for the relationship between sport science, physical education and sport in practice. This study draws on both Michel Foucault's and Judith Butler's work on discourses, gender and power, but also on Yvonne Hirdman's theories of gender formulas and the woman/man  relationship. The study employed  a case study approach which involved  analysing all the research articles published during 2015 in a Scandinavian sports science magazine. A total of 142 articles were coded where focus was on the mapping of sex and how and where in the article this was presented. Reasons for exclusion in studies of single-sex populations was also examined. The findings show that when research is done on a single-sex population, the population to a greater extent is represented by men. Research on a single-sex population comprising women are more frequently written out in the title. The findings highlight two categories of gender discourses in terms of the research on women or on men. Also a hidden discourse is found in populations of both sexes or in cases where exclusion is justified. This shows a reproduction of the man as the norm in the sports science research field. In order to avoid the systematic exclusion of gender groups, these discourses should be discussed and single-sex populations should be justified. Keyword: gender-bias, gender, Foucault, sport science, discourse

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